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9 June 2023
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9 June 2023 Administrator

When we embarked on this journey of sharing more about our relationship it wasn’t for the clout, it’s deeper than that!

In our work in the charity we have seen our fair share of tragedy and disappointment, we have spent years working with families who are at breaking point, loosing everything including children, marriages and homes the impact of which is immeasurable!

"98% of the children we work with come from single parent homes."

Sabrina Dennis

98% of the children we work with come from single parent homes. They have witnessed all manner of things which no child should ever see, and this then plays out in their behaviour.

Report after report shows the impact of broken parental relationships on children including the fact that children and young people are more likely to use drugs and alcohol, suffer from anxiety and depression etc

Why are we telling you this, it isn’t about the make up of a family, but more the functionality of the family. Children can come from homes where parents are separated etc and still thrive this is because the parents are still functioning and working together to ensure that their children are able to thrive.

We Believe that Families are the cornerstone of society, but family starts with Relationships!

We believe that families are the cornerstone of society, but family starts with relationships!

Healthy relationships create healthy families, we believe that strong families lead to strong communities and therefore strong and thriving societies.

That means that we will work to help build healthy and thriving relationships and also support families in any way we can, that includes sharing stories, giving tips and advice and where possible advocating for families. We are on a journey but we believe everything we share will help someone…


During our NAKED events we touch on some sensitive topics and we don’t want our support to end there. Our heart is to see our communities experience fulfilled and thriving relationships with strong families!

Here’s how you can tap into additional support…


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