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This is our story, our relationship, our journey…


Nathan & Sabrina get married

Nathan and Sabrina's relationship as husband and wife begins!

To hear more about Nathan and Sabrina's personal relationship story head over to N&S.


The Family Grows

The first of Nathan and Sabrina's four girls arrives!

To see how this family has evolved, head over to The Dennis Family.


First Class Ltd

First Class Legacy Ltd was set up by Nathan and Sabrina Dennis in 2015 to bridge the gap between communities determined 'hard to reach' (BAME) and organisations who offer products and services - using creativity, innovation and a values based approach.


First Class Foundation & Legacy Consultants

2020 saw the the separation of Nathan and Sabrina's social enterprise and the growth of multiple businesses.

To find out more about their blue prints and systems for creating award winning businesses head over to Business.


Nathan & Sabrina and The Dennis Family Champions

This year we held the following events underneath our family brands:

Legacy Planning and Financial Preparation Summit
Naked Valentines Edition
Family Love Fest
Naked 4
The Big Family Conference
Between The Sheets Podcast Launch
Nathan and Sabrina website Launch
Summer Sizzla Event
Legacy Planning and Financial Preparation Roadshow

Nathan and Sabrina Dennis are a married couple, who out of their marriage have created a family and outside of their marriage and family they have founded several successful businesses.  By doing so, they have created blue prints and systems that can help couples and families in their day-to-day lives, enabling them to be successful not just in home life but in business too.

This formidable couple have founded award winning ventures. They are avid public speakers and successful entrepreneurs with a passion for seeing families and relationships thrive.

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